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Richard Erickson joined the AAC Board from its inception in 2015.  Rich and his wife, Josephine live in Riverside with their two sons, both of whom have an ASD diagnosis. They were fortunate to receive early intervention services for their first son’s milestone delays starting at 19 months. When he was two and a half, they felt their son’s delay was something more.  They were told to take a “wait and see approach” until he was older before exploring an ASD diagnosis.  Knowing that the early years were critical, they left the County to get to a Comprehensive Assessment done with a team of doctors specifically focused on diagnosing children on the Autism Spectrum.  The diagnosis and supporting report launched the entire family down a completely different path.  Their children received early interventions specific to Autism and completely changed their trajectory for success.  Rich is extremely excited to be part of this amazing organization based in the Inland Empire that will help local families receive a comprehensive diagnosis so they can get the services they need.

Rich has been with the Riverside Office of Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate for over 20 years and is a Senior Vice President in the office leasing and sales division.