Dr. Lisa Lliteras, Psy.D.

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Lisa Lliteras is a Pediatric Psychologist who holds Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Psychology from Loma Linda University. While completing her studies at Loma Linda, she gained experience working at Loma Linda’s Pediatric Neuro-Assessment Program, Loma Linda’s Children’s Hospital Consult and Liaison service, and Loma Linda’s Craniofacial Team service. She also completed an internship at Azusa Pacific’s Community Counseling Center as part of her studies conducting psychotherapy with students attending the university as well as individuals living in the community. In addition to her work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders, she has specialized experience in working with drug endangered children and young children who have experienced other types of trauma. Dr. Lliteras also works as a pediatric psychological consultant for the West End Family Counseling Services SART Program (transdisciplinary 0-5 high risk clinic).