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Mabel has worked with the Autism Assessment Center (AAC) since 2015. She began her journey with AAC during the initial pilot phase of the center at Loma Linda University’s Pediatric Neuro Assessment Program (PNAP). At that time, she was also working with the Behavioral Health department at Inland Empire Health Plan.  The success of the pilot presented a rare opportunity for her to join the AAC team fulltime as an Autism Assessment Coordinator. Through her dedication and passion for healthcare administration, she quickly moved into the role of Clinic Manager in 2016. Mabel holds a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), with a concentration in Health Services Management, from the University of LaVerne.  She has played an integral role in the center’s growth and the opening of the second location in Riverside. She currently manages both centers and a team that works diligently to provide patient-centered care and resources for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.