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Peter and his wife Lisa live in Riverside with their son Zachary who has an ASD diagnosis. When Zachary was approaching two, Peter and his wife felt something was not quite right with their son’s development.  Subsequently he was taken to a pediatric neurologist where they were told he was fine. After several weeks, still feeling uneasy, they took him back to the pediatric neurologist who ran additional tests and again told them he was fine. Still feeling uneasy it was decided to take him out of the Inland Empire to a facility specifically focused on diagnosing children on the Autism Spectrum. It was then Zachary was given an ASD diagnosis which allowed him to receive appropriate treatment. This personal experience has made Peter and his family realize the importance of having a resource such as the Autism Assessment Center available to families in the Inland Empire.
Peter has been with American Medical Response for over 30 years and is currently the Director of Government Relations.